WTF is based around building from the ground up, building a foundation, putting a base on the foundation and working your aerobic engine. Efficiency is key. YOUR goals and YOUR time available determine YOUR schedule.  There are no cookie cutter models.  This is from years of knowledge compiled to give the client a step up in a sport/hobby they love, while keeping life (job, spouse, children, etc) in check.

Nathan takes a hands on approach to coaching and communication being key to coach-client success. With this approach, Mountain Biking athletes show the most gains, not only getting stronger, but gaining skills…or as Nathan calls it, FREE SPEED! Give Nathan a call, text, or email, ask him questions, and see where WTF can take you to achieving your goals! 936-581-3221


RATES  (We offer client  rates and non-client rates)

ONE ON ONE SESSION: Work on your personal needs

LESSON RIDES: $50 per hour (client rate).  $85 per hour (non-client rate)

RIDES: $20 to ride if trainer is pulling.  $10 if trainer is working out due to client being more experienced/trained.

GROUP SESSION: A fee of $20 per additional rider in the group will be added

A $25/hr Travel fee is associated.

Bike Fit:  Tri, Road/MTB in Huntsville TX, weekdays – $50,  weekends $150      Fittings will be at The Bike Spot in Huntsville, TX 638 Ave M. Call/email Nathan at or 936-581-3221 for your appointment.

MONTHLY PLANS:  (Fitness, Single Sport)  This plan includes a guide/schedule of when to ride via email, and analysis of rides (if requested). HR, Power, and feel are all tools Nathan uses to help you achieve your goals.

Unlimited communication with Nathan.   Communications must be initiated by athletes.

Payments can be made via Paypal @ , cash, or (for monthly clients a mailed check).

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